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Amazing Fitbump Flex Credits

Click here to purchase your credits - all credits work towards ANY class! (Except for Strong Foundations)


This 60 min signature Fitbump class is a mixture of strength & conditioning guaranteed to make you feel stronger and connect with an amazing group of moms! Must be a min of 6 months postpartum or have clearance from Pelvic Floor Physio.

Fit Friends

6 week session focused on getting stronger and making mom friends! This progressive class is geared towards moms who are looking to meet with the same moms every week! The class will involve a workout and half the class for connecting. 6 weeks pp+


45 min class of high intensity! Must be a min of 6 months postpartum - and have clearance from Pelvic Floor Physio. This class will offer a blast of cardio and weights to get out the mom rage! Come for some sweaty fun!

Gentle Yoga

Gentle flow class for anyone - (suitable for Prenatal & Postnatal)

Glutes, Core & More

This class will be all about strengthening glutes, coordinating breath with pelvic floor to create a strong core, as well as accessory movements for a full body workout. Light - medium intensity class suitable for any stage of postpartum.

Mama Yoga

Gentle flow suitable for ALL stages of postpartum. Babies and kids welcome! Modifications for all levels of experience. Prenatal friendly.

Mobility & Stretching

45 minute class focusing on stretching, flexibility and mobility for moms at any stage of postpartum. Babies & Toddlers welcome - no childcare.

Outdoor Glutes Core & More

6 week session - we are taking our signature Glutes, Core & More class outside! Suitable for a minimum of 6 weeks postpartum. Class will be held at the Park by the YWCA parking lot. Great space for kids to play and mom's to get an awesome outdoor workout in.

Prenatal Fitness

Functional Strength & flexibility training specifically for pregnant women. Bringing awareness to breathing & alignment, and building strength to help aid in pregnancy, labour & and postpartum.

Prenatal Yoga

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and all levels of experience (even none!). This gentle flow class is designed to help relieve tension, calm the nervous system and prepare you for labor - all while bonding with your baby.

Run Fun

60 minute outdoor class split between a body weight strength workout and a run. Tons of variety and location will change! Must have clearance from Pelvic Floor Physio to be running if earlier than 6 months pp.


45 min class to help you feel strong in all aspects of mom life! Must be a minimum of 4 months postpartum or cleared by Pelvic Floor Physio. Class will use equipment such as body weight, kettle bells, dumbbells, resistance bands and more!

Strength & Stretch

45 minute class - First half of class focused on functional strength & conditioning - last half focused on mobility & stretching! Suitable for 4 months postpartum.

Strong Foundations

6 week session - designed to help you reconnect with your core & pelvic floor. Co-taught with Pelvic Floor Physio Michelle Donald - we will look at alignment, breathing and core connection and adding in progressive movement.

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